Private Pregnancy Costs Explained

With private health insurance and the cost of living constantly increasing, many families are concerned with the expense of having a baby. For some families, even those who have private health insurance, the cost for private obstetrician care is given careful consideration.


Hatch Private Maternity opened in Brisbane in 2016 to provide affordable private maternity care and is a popular option for Brisbane women wanting private care without the associated high cost.

At Hatch, we think it’s important that families fully understand the costs of having a baby, so we’re upfront about our fees. You’ll know what costs to expect, which will allow you to make a well-informed decision about having your baby with us. Our Mater Mother’s Private maternity fees out-of-pocket cost is only $990 for privately insured women with full obstetric cover, who follow our standard schedule of appointments. This fee also includes your obstetrician delivery fee and there is no additional fee for a caesarean birth.

At Hatch, you’ll experience a full schedule of antenatal consultations provided by our experienced endorsed midwives and obstetricians. These consultations are designed to optimise care for mum and baby and are based on RANZCOG Guidelines for pregnancy care.

In addition to consultation fees, like all private obstetric practices, we do have a pregnancy management fee (PMF).  This fee covers the non-appointment costs associated with managing your pregnancy such as follow up of results and review, liaison with your GP and a Hatch obstetrician being on-call for you. The PMF in private practice obstetrics can be as high as $4000 and this is determined by individual specialists and group practices.

There are other costs involved in having a baby in a private hospital. You may have a health fund excess for your hospital stay and we recommend that you contact your health insurer directly to find out what this fee is. During your pregnancy you will have ultrasound scans and pathology, which help our team better manage your pregnancy. When it comes to your baby’s birth, you may need an anaesthetist if you’re having a caesarean or if you choose an epidural and there will be a paediatrician in the hospital to check your baby’s health.

Hatch Private Maternity offers an alternative for Brisbane families who want a private maternity experience, but who are mindful of their spending and may otherwise choose care through the public system. We minimise out-of-pocket medical costs to improve affordability and deliver a quality private experience unlike any other pregnancy care provider in Brisbane. We aim to enable women to make an informed choice about their selection of private maternity care and we’re proud to bridge the gap between public and private maternity care in terms of pricing.

For more information about our costs, please visit or book a free initial consultation with Hatch. This no-obligation appointment is with one of our midwives and is the perfect way to find out if Hatch is right for you!