Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane

“Your delivery will be at Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane by a Hatch qualified specialist obstetrician.”

Mater Mothers' Private Obstetricians & Maternity Care

If you choose Hatch Private Maternity, your baby will be born at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, located at Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane. Mater Mothers is Australia’s largest private maternity facility; making it second-to-none when it comes to providing leading-edge, compassionate care.

All Hatch obstetricians are credentialed at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane and will be by your side to support you. Although we cannot offer a known midwife for your labour and birth, many of our midwives also work in the birthing suites and Pregnancy Assessment Centre (PAC), so it is possible you may see a familiar face.

For your postnatal experience at Mater Mothers, you will enjoy a single ensuite room, complete with a daybed for your partner to stay overnight, in-room entertainment system with access to internet and award-winning room service.

Bundle of Joy

Mater Mothers’ Bundle of Joy card provides price certainty and value for money by bundling together Mater services and additional costs associated with giving birth.

The card offers unique benefits and value for money to women giving birth at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane by bundling together some of the additional costs associated with having a baby. This helps to alleviate some out-of-pocket costs associated with giving birth that are not necessarily covered by private health insurance or Medicare.

To make the most of the card’s benefits, we recommend purchasing the Bundle of Joy card prior to your first ultrasound (at approximately 11 weeks’ pregnancy). The card will be ready for collection when you come to Mater for your first ultrasound.

Key benefits include:

  • Routine blood tests
  • Two routine ultrasounds
  • Hospital car parking for four days after the birth of your baby
  • Partner meals for up to four days during your hospital stay
  • Plus other exclusive offers and discounts!

For more information about Mater Mothers’ Bundle of Joy card, please see their website

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