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Maternity care at Hatch

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Most of your antenatal visits will be with our endorsed midwives. Endorsed midwives have completed further study and training, in addition to their midwifery qualification. For you, this means your midwife can write referrals, order bloods, request ultrasound scans and ensure you receive Medicare rebates for all of your appointments.

Depending on your individual clinical needs, you can expect to have a consultation with a Mater Mothers specialist obstetrician 3-4 times throughout your pregnancy. Our obstetricians work on a rotating roster, so if you require assessment at the hospital or it’s time to meet your baby, the on-call obstetrician will be by your side.

At Hatch, we can’t promise you will see the same clinician at every appointment or know the obstetrician who will be on call for your birth. We do, however, encourage pre-booked appointments with the same one or two clinicians, where available.

Your first appointment with Hatch

We do things a little differently at Hatch, and your first appointment is a longer consult with a midwife to really get to know if Hatch Private Maternity is right for you!

At this first visit you will learn all about the Hatch model of pregnancy care and our costs.

This appointment is a free no-obligation initial consultation. You may choose another care option after this, but in our experience, very few families decide not to continue with Hatch Private Maternity.

The midwife will review your medical, social, and family history to determine your eligibility to be cared for by Hatch. Pathology and scans may also be reviewed, and we will provide education on common pregnancy symptoms.

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Your postnatal appointments with Hatch

Hatch offers two routine postnatal appointments after you take your baby home. The first appointment is around three weeks after birth with one of our Hatch midwives, who can’t wait to meet your new baby and share in your birth experience.

The midwife will check in on your health and wellbeing, as well as what support networks you have in place. Your baby will be weighed and measured, so bring along your ‘red baby book’ and we will discuss normal newborn behaviours, including developmental milestones, growth spurts, expectations on feeding and sleeping, as well as settling techniques. This appointment is also a great opportunity to debrief after the birth, ask questions you may have about the birth, or any concerns you have about your baby.

Your final visit with Hatch will be scheduled at six weeks with one of our obstetricians. The specialist will check on your physical recovery and any ongoing concerns, discuss your options for contraception and future pregnancy plans. The obstetrician will make any follow-up referrals if required and transfer your care to your GP to complete your Hatch journey.

Please note that after your baby’s birth, the Hatch midwives can see you more often if required. Additional postnatal visits (apart from the three week visit) are not included in our normal cost of $990 and you will be charged a small consultation fee.

Pregnancy journey at Hatch

Weeks (approx.)Clinician
<12Initial midwife consultation
<12Initial obstetrician consultation
14Midwife or obstetrician
3 Week PostnatalMidwife
6 Week PostnatalObstetrician

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