We have shared so much about Hatch Private Maternity with you on our website but to assist you further, below is a list of some of the frequently asked questions that we receive. If you still have a question, particularly about your eligibility, private health insurance, transfers to Hatch and our costs, please get in touch, as we will be very happy to help you.  

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Am I eligible for care from Hatch Private Maternity?

You are eligible for care with Hatch Private Maternity if you hold a valid Medicare card (or have cover under Allianz Care Australia – for overseas students and visa holders), are privately insured with hospital and obstetric cover, and meet our eligibility criteria. Unfortunately high-risk pregnancies are not eligible for care at Hatch (this includes multiple pregnancies, fetal anomalies, pre-existing complex medical conditions, a positive diagnosis on a early Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) or previous high risk obstetric history). To find out if you are eligible, you can make a free, no-obligation initial appointment with one of our midwives.

Do I need private health insurance to be cared for by Hatch?

Yes, Hatch is a private maternity provider with all births being attended at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, so it is a requirement that all women have private* hospital and obstetric cover. *You must be with a participating private health insurance provider. *Please contact us to discuss your options if you are privately insured with Frank Health, Qantas Health, La Trobe Health, Budget Direct, APIA or Mildura District Hospital Fund.

I am not an Australian citizen but hold Overseas Student Health Cover with Allianz Care Australia. Can I receive care through Hatch?

Yes, we are proud to partner with Allianz Care Australia to provide a high-quality private maternity care option for their overseas members. We designed this package with you in mind, to take advantage of a private maternity care experience, whilst ensuring continuity of care with your regular GP. Refer to (insert Allianz URL) for more information on how this maternity package works.

Do I need a GP referral to visit Hatch?

We welcome a referral from your GP, however, you do not need a GP referral to see us and have your baby with Hatch. After your initial appointment, our midwives are able to refer you to our obstetricians. Rest assured, we will of course liaise with your GP on your pregnancy management and ongoing care.

I am currently receiving pregnancy care through the public system but I have private health insurance. Am I able to transfer to Hatch?

Yes, we accept women who are currently being cared for in the public system or GP shared-care, provided they have private hospital and obstetric cover, and meet our other eligibility requirements. We accept women or transfers up until 37 weeks’ gestation.

Will I see the same midwife and obstetrician for all of my appointments?

We can’t promise you will see the same clinician at every appointment, however we encourage pre-booked appointments with the same one or two clinicians if availability permits, to support continuity of antenatal and postnatal care.

Where will I have my baby with Hatch?

All Hatch births will be attended at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane in South Brisbane.

I am quite far along in my pregnancy. Can I still have my care with Hatch?

Yes, Hatch will happily accept women up until 37 weeks’ gestation, provided they meet our eligibility requirements. Please note, all women who see us after 28 weeks’ gestation will be required to pay the pregnancy management fee, regardless of how many appointments they attend, or if the management fee has been paid to another doctor or hospital already. If you are paying the management fee again, you are not entitled to the Medicare rebate.

Can I choose to have an elective caesarean with Hatch?

Yes, Hatch supports women’s choice of birth. You can discuss your birth preferences from the very first appointment and can expect education and advice throughout your pregnancy about the potential risks and expectations to ensure you feel you are making an informed decision. Final discussions occur at your 36-week obstetrician appointment, where you will sign a consent form and confirm a date.

Can I have a waterbirth at Hatch?

We acknowledge and support women’s labour and birth preferences, however there are some clinical restrictions or limitations on resources to consider. You may choose to labour in warm water (called ‘Water Immersion’) to help promote and facilitate normal birth, and for most women this is an effective pain relief option as part of your birth plan. If you are planning on a ‘waterbirth’ (baby is born under the water in a specifically designed birthing pool), we are happy to discuss this option during your antenatal visits as there are more considerations - meeting Mater eligibility criteria, availability of a birthing room with a birthing pool (there are two rooms for this purpose) and waterbirth credentialed clinicians to care for you during your labour.

Who are the Hatch midwives?

The Hatch midwives are all endorsed midwives who have undertaken additional study and training. This means that they can write referrals, order blood tests and scans, and provide a Medicare rebate at each of your appointments. To learn more about our team of midwives, visit: https://hatchmaternity.com.au/our-team/.

Who are Hatch’s obstetricians?

The Hatch obstetrician team consists of a number of experienced Mater Mothers' obstetricians working on a rotating roster. To learn more about our team of obstetricians, visit: https://hatchmaternity.com.au/our-team/.

How does Hatch keep its fees so low?

Here at Hatch, we do things a little differently to offer you affordable care. Firstly, we offer care by our team of midwives and obstetricians and can’t promise continuity of care with any one clinician. When it is time to meet your baby, your hospital stay at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane through Hatch will be a three-night stay for a vaginal birth, or four-night stay for caesarean (routinely one less day in hospital). It is our team-based approach, rotating on-call roster and shorter length of stay that accounts for a large portion of how we keep our fees to a minimum. Mater Mothers’ Bundle of Joy card provides further price certainty and value for money by bundling together Mater services and additional costs associated with your pregnancy journey – including things like routine ultrasounds, hospital car parking and more. Find out more here.

Can I access The Caring Continues options (i.e. Mater Moments at Emporium) if I book through Hatch?

Hatch Private Maternity does not compromise on what’s most important. You can expect high-quality, evidence-based care and compassion from a team of expert midwives and specialist obstetricians who share the same philosophy and guidelines for practice for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.  To keep our model affordable, The Caring Continues options (including Mater Moments at Emporium) are unfortunately not available for Hatch families.

I need an interpreter for my appointment, can this be arranged?

Please advise the Hatch Reception team (Ph: 07 3332 1950) at the time of booking if you require an interpreter and the dialect of your preferred language. Interpreter confirmation is subject to the availability of the Translating and Interpreting Service.

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