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Understandably, you may be wondering how much a private obstetrician costs before choosing your model of pregnancy care. For many couples, the actual cost of having a baby affects their choice of pregnancy care provider with out of pocket private obstetrician fees in Australia ranging from $3000 – $8500+  Hatch Private Maternity offers a more affordable private maternity care option with our Brisbane Obstetrician fees being JUST $990 out-of-pocket to have your baby. We are proud to bridge the gap between public vs private maternity care, in terms of pricing.

Whilst funds & individual private obstetricians differ, generally speaking you’ll need to pay additional out-of-pocket costs regardless of your type of cover, however if you have private health insurance including obstetrics cover with one of our partnered health funds, then you may be eligible for reduced or zero out-of-pocket costs (no gap obstetrician care) at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane with Hatch. For more information, please contact:

Bupa at bupa.com.au/hatch

Allianz Care Australia at hatchmaternity.com.au/allianz-care-australia

Participating AHSA Funds at hatchmaternity.com.au/ahsa-health-funds/

Hatch offers an alternative for Brisbane families who want the private obstetrician & maternity experience, but who are mindful of their spending and would otherwise birth at a public hospital. It is important to us that families fully understand the costs associated with having a baby through Hatch and Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane from the very beginning, to help inform decision-making around choice of care provider.

Your initial appointment with Hatch will provide an overview of common out-of-pocket costs associated with pregnancy and birth, as well as how we do things a little differently to offer you high-quality maternity care at a lower price point. Standard fees to consider include out-of-pocket costs associated with having a private anaesthetist, private paediatrician, pregnancy-related scans and pathology, as well as your hospital excess. Hatch is unable to control these out-of-pocket medical fees, but we can certainly help you to understand them.

We offer you a free no-obligation initial consultation to really get to know us. Our $990 out-of-pocket cost includes all of your antenatal and postnatal visits, your pregnancy management fee (PMF) and birth. When it is time to meet your baby, your hospital stay at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane through Hatch will be a three-night stay for a vaginal birth, or four-night stay for caesarean (routinely one less day in hospital). It is our team-based approach, rotating on-call roster and shorter length of stay that accounts for a large portion of how we keep our fees to a minimum.

Mater Mothers’ Bundle of Joy card provides further price certainty and value for money by bundling together Mater services and additional costs associated with your pregnancy journey – including things like routine ultrasounds, hospital car parking and more. Visit Mater Mothers’ website for more information about Mater Mothers’ Bundle of Joy card: matermothers.org.au/bundle-of-joy

Fact Checked: February 2023


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Hatch Obstetricians Costs:

  • Total out-of-pocket cost: $990* includes 
  • All of your antenatal and postnatal visits
  • Private Pregnancy Management Fee
  • Delivery fee (including Caesarean birth)
  • Please note the Pregnancy Management Fee is paid at 28 weeks and your appointments are not paid in advance – they are paid following each individual visit

Other Out-of-Pocket Costs For Private Hospital Birth

  • Your health insurance excess for private hospital stay
  • Private anaesthetist for your birth, if required
  • Private paediatrician
  • Ultrasound scans and pathology


*Partnered Health Funds Costs

If you have private health insurance including obstetrics with Bupa then you may be eligible for zero out-of-pocket costs with Hatch (no gap obstetric care). For more information please contact Bupa or visit bupa.com.au/hatch.

Hatch is proud to partner with Allianz Care Australia to give their Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) members access to Hatch Private Maternity care with no out-of-pocket costs. For more information please contact Allianz Care Australia or visit hatchmaternity.com.au/allianz-care-australia.

Hatch is proud to partner with participating Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) funds to give members with top obstetric cover access to Hatch Private Maternity care with no out-of-pocket costs*, up to members’ annual limits. For more information, visit hatchmaternity.com.au/ahsa-health-funds/.

* These are out-of-pocket fees and only available to patients who are Medicare eligible and privately insured with pregnancy cover.  Additional fees will apply if you are privately insured with Frank Health, Qantas Health, La Trobe Health, Budget Direct, APIA, and Mildura District Hospital Fund. Additional appointments will affect your total out-of-pocket cost.


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