Karly Simon

Karly Simon

BMid - Endorsed Midwife

Karly originally began studying midwifery with her eyes set on working in the neonatal nursery. Coming from a large extended family, she always loved babies and thought that’s where her passion would lie. However very soon in to her midwifery degree she realised that working with women and families at such an important time in their lives was actually the most incredibly rewarding job.

Karly has spent most of her time as a midwife in Birth Suites, privileged to be caring for women in labour, birth and those precious first few hours following. She can also often be found in the Pregnancy Assessment Centre, enjoying the different challenges that present each day.

Starting at Hatch Private Maternity in 2019 allowed her the opportunity to provide antenatal care again. The greatest honour in this new role is to watch families grow from their first initial consultation early in their pregnancy and to then see them return for their postnatal visit with a gorgeous new baby.

Karly has recently returned from maternity leave, after experiencing the joy of motherhood firsthand with the birth of her son in December 2019. She is using this deeper understanding of parenthood to help families transition more smoothly into the fourth trimester.

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