Extra Support for Our Families

At Hatch Private Maternity, we understand that pregnancy and the early days of parenting a newborn can have their ups and downs.

The journey to parenthood can be tough and some days are easier than others.

To that end, we have extended care to our new families by collating some useful resources for new parents and parents-to-be.

Please see below for links to events, services, articles and fact sheets that can support you during pregnancy and parenting.

Preferred Allied Health Providers

Educational Resources

Nicole and Chantelle are mums and trained health professionals who have supported hundreds of parents through lactation consulting, infant and child first aid, sleep and settling and mothers’ groups. Visit:

Our favourite class for fathers, Mr Dad, offers insights either over a pub lunch or online into male specific education regarding labour and birth, dad skills and relationships. Visit:

Looking for a positive birth and beyond? Mother down under offer Hypnobirth classes, mothers’ groups and postnatal support. Visit:

Nourish Baby online classes offer the complete guide to pregnancy, birth, feeding, and the first 3 years of parenting. Speak to your Hatch midwife for a discount code. Visit:


Kathy and Kieran at Brilliant Birth & Beyond offer a range of antenatal classes to cover all you need to birth your baby brilliantly and head with confidence into your new role as parents.

These courses are ideal for helping women and support people feel prepared for childbirth. Visit:


Mater mums and mums-to-be can stay up-to-date with accurate information from the maternity experts at Mater Mothers. Visit:

As parents, we don’t have to do it alone. Mama Tribe mothers group is here to help. Visit:

Struggling to get your baby to sleep? Join Lullababysos sleep specialist Elaine for online groups and courses. Or head to the website for some great blogs on sleep and settling.


Keeping children safe through injury prevention education to parents of children aged 0-5. Learn about risk management, preparing a safe home, purchasing safe baby products, safe sleeping guidelines, and safe travel. Visit:

Have a breastfeeding question or looking to connect with other local mothers? Bekki from Full Circle Midwifery & Lactation hosts consultations and mothers’ groups. Visit: Full Circle Midwifery & Lactation


Helpful Blogs


Top things women say they need during labour

Is it time to pack your hospital bag, but you’re not too sure where to start? At Hatch Private Maternity, we’ve put together the ultimate maternity bag checklist for baby and mum, based on advice from those who have done it before.

Consider packing your bag eight weeks before your due date, just in case labour happens early. Even if you are planning a home birth, it’s a good idea to pack a bag in case you need to go to hospital unexpectedly… read more


Advice for support people in birth

Attention support people… don’t underestimate your importance during the birthing journey (however she chooses to birth). This time in a woman’s life whether it is her first or third baby, is a whirlpool of emotion, reflection, anticipation, anxiety, belief and yearning. Assuming the role of birth partner or support person is a big responsibility and should be viewed as a privileged position. It can be hugely rewarding for you to be ring side when baby comes earth side, but also exhausting, particularly if labouring for many hours through the night, or even for days. Supporting a labouring woman involves both physical and mental stamina for you as well, so you will need to be prepared… read more


What to expect in the first 48 hours after having a baby

First time parents spend the months of pregnancy planning and focusing on the day they meet their new bundle of joy. Now that cute little person is safely in your arms what happens in the first hours and days after?

Every pregnancy and birth experience is unique however in the hours and days afterwards there are a number of experiences for both mum and baby that occur. In this blog Hatch midwife Ryndell Levkovich has broken down the most common to help you prepare for those first few days… read more


Things women wished they knew about breastfeeding

Despite what much of our society believes breastfeeding does not just happen – it can take know-how, perseverance, and is a team effort between baby and mum. If you and your baby are having trouble breastfeeding, try not to worry because obstacles are common and sometimes all that is needed is some support to help you and your baby along.

While more detail about our midwifery and lactation consultant support is explained later in this article, read on for some tips for breastfeeding… read more

View more blogs


Mental Health Resources

PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia). Resources:
Phone support: 1300 726 206


COPE supports the emotional wellbeing of parents during pregnancy and the first year:


Mumspace: online treatment for antenatal depression, postnatal depression and anxiety:


Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness: website, factsheets, perinatal peer support groups:


Queensland Centre for Perinatal & Infant Mental Health

Phone: (07) 3266 3100. Email:


Centre for Perinatal Psychology: parent and infant wellbeing.

CPP Website

How is Dad Going?
1 in 10 dads experience a mental illness.
Dadvice (

Dads Group

Pregnancy Support Counselling: 3 medicare funded visits. No mental health plan required.



12 –25yrs mental and physical health services:


Mater Brochures

Antidepressant medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding: Mater Brochures Online



Medications and more during pregnancy and breastfeeding:


Brisbane South Psychological Therapies Program

Short-term perinatal psychology intervention: WMQ Website


Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Service

Coordinating maternity care of women with complex mental health concerns and social risk factors.


1300 MH CALL

Mental health access line: 1300 64 22 55. Available 24/7, this service will link to the caller’s nearest Queensland Public Mental Health service.

Why Hatch?

We are proud to bridge the gap between public and private, as one of Brisbane’s most affordable private maternity care options.

At Hatch, you can expect your routine appointments to be shared between endorsed midwives and obstetricians. Although we cannot promise that you will have the same clinician for your pregnancy care, birth and postnatal period, we encourage pre-booking appointments with the same one or two clinicians wherever possible to support continuity of antenatal and postnatal care. All births are attended by a private obstetrician at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. Our team-based model and rotating on-call roster is how we keep costs to a minimum.
We are upfront about our fee structure, and help you understand your other known out-of-pocket costs when it comes to having your baby privately. If you have private health insurance with top pregnancy cover with one of our partnered health funds, then you may be eligible for zero out-of-pocket costs with Hatch.

Book your free no-obligation consult with one of our midwives to really get to know if Hatch Private Maternity is right for you, or download some of our free resources:

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