Rachel Kunde

Rachel Kunde

RM BMid - Endorsed Midwife

Rachel shares her time between Hatch Private Maternity and Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane working in the Birth Suites and the Pregnancy Assessment Centre. She attributes her passion for helping people, as the driving force for most of her life’s endeavours. Being a mother to three daughters, surrogate and egg donor throughout the years has helped build compassion for people creating families from a variety of different avenues.

Rachel was first inspired to become a midwife after becoming a mum herself for the first time at the tender age of eighteen. Admittedly naïve about the entire pregnancy and birthing experience, Rachel remembers the midwife fondly that held her hand and wiped her brow as each contraction came and her encouragement as she birthed her first daughter. It was 13 years later, that Rachel got to provide the same care for someone else and knew after witnessing her first birth as a midwife that she had found her calling.

Rachel’s desire to help support and educate not only women, but their families through the whole childbearing continuum has only flourished as times goes by. Her aim as a midwife is to help make every experience unique and assist make the transition into parenthood a smooth and memorable one.

Rachel is currently studying a graduate certificate in Diabetes Education and Management.

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